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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think".
-Albert Einstein


Digital Learn School

Digital Learn School offers a teaching-learning process based on the principles of active pedagogy (the student should take the responsibility of a frequent and effective participation), with the characteristics of distance education (during all classes, or most of them, the students and the teacher will not meet personally, although this could happen in a virtual space), and with the possibility of synchronous or asynchronous interaction (for example, they can chat with each other in real time using internet services, but also by e-mail or participate in e-groups that are asynchronous technologies that don't require that both are on-line at the same time).


What we Believe!

We believe intermediate students are unique. They are neither old elementary school students nor young high schoolers. They deserve an educational model designed just for them. The tools of online education help us deliver this in a way that’s fresh, fun, challenging, and flexible.


What we promise?

  • Be asked to see differently
  • Be challenged to “be” differently
  • Become more curious
  • Be rewarded for your hard work
  • Be acknowledged for your compassion
  • Be strengthened in your confidence
  • Be surrounded by positive peers and inspired by passionate mentors

DLS Canada
Toronto - Ontario
10 Milner Business Court, Toronto
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