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DLS Canada, improves managment system applications for all the software supported by DLSolution. So, we are ready to start again to the new market, selling our products perfectly qualify, giving support 24/7 to our customers.
The new begining start here, right now!


Mission and Beliefs

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We think of our students as inquisitive, curious people on the path toward serious learning of a second language in the near future, and a meaningful life of leadership in the decades ahead. We honor this curiosity and we see ourselves as helpers on this path. We aren’t know-it-alls. We aren’t here to tell students what to think or what to believe. We act as guides, pointing out gaps in knowledge or skills; offering a wonderful environment where the knowledge of a second language can be, and also encourage thought and analysis.
We’re here to help people inquirers on their chosen path. We know that our students have something valuable to offer the world, and we’re here to do our utmost in helping them become their best selves. 


What we Believe!

We believe intermediate students are unique. They are neither old elementary school students nor young high schoolers. They deserve an educational model designed just for them. The tools of online education help us deliver this in a way that’s fresh, fun, challenging, and flexible.


What we promise?

  • Be asked to see differently
  • Be challenged to “be” differently
  • Become more curious
  • Be rewarded for your hard work
  • Be acknowledged for your compassion
  • Be strengthened in your confidence
  • Be surrounded by positive peers and inspired by passionate mentors

DLS Canada
Toronto - Ontario
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